Turbo MarineCare

Predictability in a changing world

Benefits at a glance

  • Financial predictability
  • Ease of doing business
  • Peace of mind / warranty
  • Clarity on equipment health

Overview of Turbo MarineCare

Turbo MarineCare is a comprehensive, data enabled service agreement tailored specifically for marine customers operating two stroke engine turbochargers. It provides financial predictability with fixed costs for the turbocharger maintenance at dry docks and peace of mind through continuous warranty extending from one dry dock to the next.


  • Fixed price for complete overhaul at drydock. This includes:
    – Standard overhaul spares
    – Labour & travel
    – Wear & tear
  • Intermediate inspections can be omitted via data
  • Dry dock to dry dock warranty
    – Covers events that may arise
  • Applicable for existing ships already in operation
  • Applicable for new build
  • Applicable for ABB turbochargers type TPL-B, A100-L and A200-L
  • Applicable for any fleet size of vessels with no minimum


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